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Xi’an Lyna Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading plant extracts and herbal medicine manufacturer, located in Chang’an District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China. It is a modern high-tech company dedicated to the biomedical health industry. We specialize in R&D, production and sales of functional ingredients such as plant extracts, food and beverage additives, pharmaceutical raw material intermediates, cosmetic raw materials, and feed additives. The company mainly focus on the research of men’s sex health products, raw materials for women’s skin whitening, weight loss and natural pigments. All products relevant technical standards, process flow documents, sales solutionsand industry latest information are provided.

Lyna Bio-Tech prossess one plant extract factory with GMP work standard ,one laboratory and one planting base with herbal raw material,

full equipped with production, experiment, test and storage facilities. It owns eight 6-ton multifunctional extracting tanks, high-efficiency concentrating tower, resin adsorbing column, spray drying tower, which is capable to process more than 6000 tons plant materials annually. It uses e-business thinking pattern to operate traditional enterprises. Through establishing close academic exchanges and scientific research with three scientific research institutes, it is committed to building a modernized management with professional technical team.

Lyna Bio-Tech main products includes Marigold extract, Ginseng extract, Epimedium extract, Phycocyanin, Nervonic acid, Reishi mushroom extract, Thaumatin. Julyherb has established stable trade relationship with customers over 40 countries. They adhere to the “People-oriented, Innovation and Win-win” core values, provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service protection, upholds professional, efficient, honest, high-quality work attitude, sincerely serves every customer with 24 hours.



Professional and Efficient

Ten years of experience in the production and supply of raw materials in the field of plant extracts, medicine, food and cosmetics.


Reliable quality

The production experience is rich and meticulous, the product process is stable and reliable, and the large-scale production is compliant and efficient.


Meticulous service

Raw materials, OEM, ODM, domestic and foreign sales have perfect system support.


Reasonable price

Same quality, lower price; Same price, better quality.


Timely delivery

3-5 days of samples, 1-3 weeks of mass production, timely and efficient after-sales support.

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Quality Control and Warehouse

Innovation capability

The R&D department needs to continuously promote innovation and explore new technologies, products or solutions to meet market needs and company strategic goals. Innovation ability means being able to think independently, come up with innovative ideas and solutions, and translate them into actual projects and products.


R&D departments usually consist of multiple members who need to work together and share knowledge and resources to achieve common goals. Good teamwork skills can improve work efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and enhance team cohesion and creativity.

Technical Capabilities

The R&D department relies on technology to develop new products and solutions. This includes mastering relevant technical knowledge and skills, such as software development, hardware design, data analysis, etc. The strength of technical capabilities will directly affect the output effects and competitive advantages of the R&D department.