LYNABIO-New food ingredients Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium(PQQ)salt



The main component of pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt accepted this time is pyrroloquinoline quinone, abbreviated as PQQ, which is a new auxiliary group with physiological functions similar to vitamins and widely exists in prokaryotes, plants, and mammals, such as fermented soybeans or natto beans, green peppers, kiwifruit, parsley, tea, papaya, spinach, celery, breast milk, etc.
The biological functions of PQQ mainly focus on two aspects: first, it can support the growth and development of mitochondria and stimulate the rapid growth of human cells; Secondly, it has good antioxidant properties, which can help eliminate free radicals and reduce cell damage.

These two major functions make it have powerful effects in brain health, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and other aspects.

Because the human body cannot synthesize PQQ itself, it can be supplemented with dietary supplements, which are usually in powder form and prepared through microbial fermentation.

Is PQQ a vitamin?

Vitamins refer to elements that cannot be synthesized by the human body but are essential, therefore they can only be ingested and supplemented from the outside world. PQQ is involved in very important energy metabolism activities in microorganisms. Therefore, some scientists once believed that PQQ is also involved in animal bodies and should be included in the vitamin category. This section summarizes the relevant research conclusions.



PQQ participates in microbial energy metabolism
In microorganisms, PQQ participates as an electron acceptor in glucose metabolism and alcohol metabolism.
(1) Glucose metabolism of escherichia coli
In the process of E. coli glucose oxidation, the membrane bound glucose dehydrogenase (mGDH) with PQQ as coenzyme participates in the electron transfer process as follows: the enzyme oxidizes the substrate, absorbs a proton from the substrate, and directly transfers it to the C5 atom of PQQ to form.

At present, the common PQQ supplement products on the market are mainly aimed at brain health, sleep aid, energy supplementation, oral beauty, pregnancy aid, and other aspects.

They are often used in combination with various raw materials such as MNM, coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba extract, PS, etc.
In fact, as a new type of raw material, PQQ has been recognized for its positive role in nutrition and health.

Due to its powerful functions, high safety, and good stability, it has broad development prospects in the field of functional food.



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