LYNABIO-Supply Organic Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita)Powder

Peppermint powder
Peppermint leaf

Peppermint leaf

Peppermint leaf powder has been employed for its beneficial uses since the times of ancient Rome. While this familiar plant is often distilled for its volatile oils, peppermint leaf remains a go-to herb in home apothecaries and gardens around the world.

Peppermint has a long history of use in traditional healing practices as a tonic to support the daily functioning of the digestive tract and for its uplifting and refreshing aromatics. Peppermint tea is often drunk after meals and the leaf added to improve the flavor of herbal formulations while imparting its healthful qualities.

What Is Peppermint Powder?

Peppermint powder

Peppermint powder

Peppermint powder is a familiar herb known for its aromatics and healthful qualities. Commonly found in herb gardens, peppermint leaves have been used in the culinary and healing arts for centuries. Peppermint is thought to be a natural hybrid between spearmint and water mint resulting in one of the most popular herbs employed today. Our peppermint powder is milled from organic Mentha x piperita. Peppermint leaf powder makes a delicious addition to tea blends, baked goods, syrups, and confectionaries.

What is peppermint leaf powder good for?

Peppermint leaf powder benefits

Peppermint leaf powder benefits

Besides adding flavor to foods and drinks, it may help manage digestive problems, nausea, headaches, and other health issues. Peppermint is used to add flavor or fragrance to foods, cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other products, and it may have some medicinal uses.

How do you use peppermint powder?

Peppermint Powder While we especially love the aromatic leaf in herbal teas, the powder can also be utilized in culinary recipes, herbal syrups, and extract making. Peppermint leaf powder can even be employed in cosmetic goods such as foot soaks, body scrubs, and bath bombs.

What is the difference between mint and peppermint leaves?

Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and water mint. Its flavor is similar to spearmint, but it packs a more potent punch with spicy notes (hence the pepper in the name). Peppermint contains several chemical compounds that define its flavor and aroma, including menthol, menthone, and eucalyptol.

Packing & Storage:

  • Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.
  • Net Weight: 25kgs/paper-drum.
  • 1kg-5kgs plastic bag inside with aluminum foil bag outsid.
  • Net Weight: 20kgs-25kgs/paper-drum
  • Store in a well-closed container away from ture and light.


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