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What is snake venom peptide?


Snake venom peptide is a substance secreted by the snake glands of venomous snakes. It has pharmacological effects such as analgesia, hemostasis, inhibition of thrombosis and antitumor. Some snake venom preparations have been made and applied in clinic.
Snake venom peptide (Waglerin-1) is a synthetic tripeptide named after the mechanism of Waglerin-1. Waglerin-1, the venom of the Temple Viper snake, has been shown to inhibit the binding of acetylcholine to acetylcholine receptors (located at neuromuscular junctions), thereby inhibiting muscle movement.


Snake venom peptide can antagonistically bind to acetylcholine receptors, block nerve conduction signals, block the release of sodium ions into muscle cells, thus inhibiting neuromuscular contraction, and smooth/reduce skin wrinkles, so as to achieve the purpose of smoothing wrinkles. Snake venom peptides are 5 times more effective in reducing dynamic wrinkles than Botox and can be used to prevent and delay dynamic wrinkles.


Mechanism of action of snake venom peptide:

Snake venom peptide is synthesized only from the amino acid sequence of snake venom that blocks human nerve excitation. It is only three amino acids, and when applied to the skin, it will also have the effect of blocking nerve excitation, but the effect is not as strong as snake venom, only a small amount of blocking nerve excitation.
Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles caused by long-term facial expression muscle contraction, which realizes muscle contraction through neuron information transmission. When the brain orders the facial muscles to contract, the presynaptic membrane of the preceding neuron releases acetylcholine (Ach) under the action of calcium ion depolarization. The ACH then diffuses freely and binds to the receptors of the postsynaptic membrane of the next neuron. The process is repeated over and over again, eventually transmitting the signal to the muscle, which receives the signal and completes the contraction.

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Snake venom peptide Action:

Snake venom peptide can reduce the production of wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction, has excellent smooth and rapid wrinkle removal. A group of substances that cause the phenomenon of skin tightening and make loose skin firmer and more elastic, a beauty method that can increase collagen content in skin.
Snake venom peptide can play its role in reducing wrinkles at a very low supplemental level, the minimum supplemental level of 0.01%.


  • Snake venom peptide has anti-tumor effect.

The protein isolated from snake venom not only has a significant inhibitory effect on the proliferation of human tumor cells, but also can inhibit the abnormal pain generated in the process of tumor growth, which is related to the inhibition of various inflammatory factors and signaling pathways by snake venom peptides.

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  • Snake venom peptides and anti-inflammatory drugs

In addition to anti-inflammatory effects, snake venom components also have significant antibacterial activities, and polypeptides have high drug safety. The clinical application value of snake venom active peptides has been paid attention to, especially the development of snake venom peptides into anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, analgesic and antihypertensive new drugs.
Snake venom peptide components mainly play pharmacological roles by regulating ion channels, cell proliferation and apoptosis, intracellular signaling pathways, cytokine expression, and binding with related active sites or receptors.



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