Marshmallow leaf as Raw Tobacco leaf with Cut and Sifted 3~5mm

Marshmallow leaf is a new type of cigarette raw material. Its smoke is fragrant when it is burning. It has no nicotine so that we can export it without any risk. Our company has developed marshmallow leaf field for over 5 years and we are the only one manufacturer who have marshmallow leaf plantation in China. From planting, reaping, shredding to packaging, all steps are done by ourselves. We can do commodity inspection for mass production.All the marshmallow from our company is plant in our own farms, which is Non-GMO and free of pesticides. Besides, we have professional equipment for drying, cut and sifted, which can keep the leaves green colors and good odors. Every year the marshmallow leaf yield of more than 50 tons, abundant resources, superior quality.

How to get herbal cigarette raw materials-marshmallow leaf?
Carefully select the purely natural marshmallow leaves, our company elaborately made them into such?type materials?for tea or cigarettes as customs needed. With the no?content of nicotine in such?cigarettes, it can reduce the harm of smoking and protect the respiratory system.

Product name: Marshmallow leaf
Latin name: Althea officinalis L.
Specifications: 3~5mmAppearance: Smashed green leaves

Usage: 1. For making herbal cigarette without nicotine;
2.For making herbal tea to reduce blood sugar.
3. For incense sticks : Mixed Mugwort leaf , Damiana leaf and Mullein Flower, has a great fragrant smell, also can be used as a drive midge?
MOQ: 5kg
Package: 5kg in a kraft bag, 5bags in a carton, 25kg/carton.
Shipment:Small qty shipped by express. Qty is bigger by Air, by Sea or up to customer’s choice.

Daily Dosage of Marshmallow products:
Maximum recommended dose of marshmallow leaves not more than 5 grams per day! However strength of preparations may vary, so manufacturer’s instructions should be followed whenever available.