Chaga Mushroom Extract for Anti-cancer

Chaga Mushroom Extract

1.Brief Information
Product Name: Chaga Mushroom extract
Latin Name: Inonotus obliquus; Phaeoporus obliquus; Fuscoporia obliquus
Source: Russia
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Odor: Characteristic
Appearance: Brownish fine powder
Used Part: Fruit body/ Mycelia
Active ingredients: Polysaccharides, triterpenoid,
Test Method: UV
Specification: Polysaccharides 30%, 40%, 1-2% triterpenoid
Particle size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Packaging: 1kg/bag,5kg/bag or 25kg/drum
Main Function: Anti-Cancer,Treatment of diabetes,Anti-aging, Enhanced Immunity, Inhibition of AIDS etc.

2.Health Benefits of Chaga(Inonotus Obliquus) Extract
1) Anti-Cancer
Research Recent research has shown chaga mushrooms to be a powerful anti-oxidant, useful in fighting tumors, and an excellent stimulant for the immune system. Chaga mushrooms grow mainly in the birch forests of and Central Asia. Birch trees contain a chemical called betulin, a type of hydrocarbon common to some plants. Betulinic acid has been shown to be an effective as an anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, and even anti-HIV chemical. Because the chaga mushroom grows on the birch trees, it holds a high concentration of betulinic acid. Betulinic acid is currently being studied for its potential in chemotherapy drugs. Also, like other medicinal mushrooms, such as shiitake, cordyceps, and others, chaga mushrooms contain polysaccharides, molecules previously thought to have no real function, but which are today being heavily researched for their cancer fighting properties.
2) Stimulates the Immune System
3) Prevent and Treat Cancer
4) Supporting Standard Cancer Treatments
5) Treatment for Diabetes
6) Reduces Inflammation
7) Anti-aging & Skin
8) Helps with Ulcers and Gastritis
9) Normalize Cholesterol levels & Blood Pressure

3. Aboout Chaga mushroom(Inonotus Obliquus)
Chaga mushroom have been utilized in Eastern European and Korean folk medicine for several centuries. At least as early as the sixteenth century, Eastern Europeans, Koreans, and Russians used chaga mushrooms to cure everything from tuberculosis to cancer. Today, the medicinal uses of chaga mushrooms are being explored by medical researchers.
Healing Properties of Chaga Mushroom
Chaga’s purifying and healing properties have been known in Russia since 16th century. Nowadays many people in Siberia still brew and drink Chaga mushroom tea instead of usual black tea or coffee.
It’s been noticed that in areas where people regularly drink chaga tea, the rate of cancerous diseases among local folk is much lower than in neighbouring regions. Stomach problems among local population is almost unheard of. Many people in Siberia who drink chaga daily, usually live very long, some even over 100 years.
Chaga mushroom is a primary adaptogen, cancer fighter, immune system modulator, antitumor agent, gastrointestinal tonifier, longevity tonic and genoprotective agent (DNA-shielding). Main distinction of chaga from other medicinal mushrooms is that it is composed of a complex of antioxidant pigments (chromogens) which is not found in other mushrooms.
Russian Pharmacopea’s primary requirement for chaga quality is a Chromogenic complex content that should be of not less than 10%. If the content is lower such chaga is not considered as healing and is not allowed to be used for medicinal application. Our raw Siberian chaga mushroom has up to 18% of Chromogenic complex proving that it is indeed a very strong antioxidant. More info about antioxidants.
There are many other biologically active substances in chaga that make chaga mushroom so powerful. These are polysaccharids, alkalines, phytonutrients, organic acids and many important minerals and microelements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, chrom and others. Various substances found in chaga possess powerful anticancer and antitumor properties. Many of anticancer properties are now being attributed to beta glucans and melanin. Chaga has a high level of melanin that protects DNA and fights radiation by activating a pineal gland.
According to the Russian Medical Academy, chaga has a positive effect against lung and liver cancer, calms the nervous system, is proven to positively affect various stomach diseases and ulcers
stimulates the immune system, helps to reduce blood sugar and fight diabetes.
In Russia, chaga was approved for public use against cancer by the Medical Academy of Science in Moscow in 1955. Therefore Russian scientists are very competent about real properties of chaga, because numerous studies and clinical trials have been conducted in this country since then.
Preparations from chaga can be applied as an active biogenic stimulators, which increase host defences, stimulate central nervous and neurohumoral system (chaga increases activity of estrogens), improve metabolism including activation of metabolism in cerebral tissue, regulate activity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stimulate the homogeny (increase the level of leukocytes), possess antipyretic properties during the internal and local application, strengthen the cytostatic activity of antitumorigenic preparations, detains tumor growth, causes their gradual regression and slows down the development of metastases, i.e. they themselves possess cytostatic action.

4. Characteristics
Our product is extracted from Russion Chaga fruitbody. make to pulverization,use water to extract,concentrate and spray drying all in GMP workshop. GMO-free.It include β-glucan: the trunk chain is β (1 -3) ,and the lateral chain is β (1 -6) . alkaloids, protein, amino acids.

5. Why choose our Chaga mushroom extract?
Our chaga is only wild grown and is harvested from North – Irkutian region of Siberia.The most healing Siberian chaga mushroom grows in limited areas. Green color shows where chaga grows in general. But yellow color on the map shows where grows healing chaga (approximate of course). Our chaga is ecologically clean, we collect it not closer than 200km from the nearest town.
We use only specially trained and experienced harvesters(no wrong chaga possible). We dry chaga mushroom in special ovens equiped with automatic temperature controls (protect most healthy substances in chaga from damage by heat, temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celcius)
We are manufacturer and have all necessary documents allowing us to work with food stuff and with chaga in particular. In Russia chaga is considered a medicinal raw material, so not many companies can obtain permission for chaga business and its export.